Board Metrics (Statistics)

Certainly! Let’s break down the metrics for HumbleBear Boards:

  1. Total Cards Created: This metric provides the overall count of cards that have been created on the HumbleBear Boards platform. It includes all types of cards, such as tasks, projects, or any other relevant items.

  2. Total Potential Sales Value: This metric focuses on the monetary value associated with the cards. It represents the sum of the potential sales value across all cards. For example, if the cards represent products or services, this value would be the total revenue that could be generated if all sales were successful.

  1. Potential Sales by Stages or Sections: This metric breaks down the potential sales value based on different stages or sections within the board. For instance:

    • Prospecting: The value of potential sales in the initial stage.

    • Negotiation: The value of sales that are being actively negotiated.

    • Closed/Won: The value of sales that have been successfully closed.

    • Closed/Lost: The value of sales that did not materialize.

    • These stages can be customized based on the specific workflow of HumbleBear Boards.

  1. Total Cards Handled by Members: This metric tracks the workload distribution among team members. It provides insights into how many cards each member has handled. It helps identify workload imbalances and ensures equitable distribution.

  1. Total Cards by Label: Labels are used to categorize cards based on specific criteria (e.g., priority, type, department, etc.). This metric shows the count of cards associated with each label. For example:

    • High Priority: Number of cards marked as high priority.

    • Marketing: Number of cards related to marketing activities.

    • Development: Number of cards related to product development.

    • Customer Support: Number of cards related to customer inquiries or issues.

Remember that these metrics provide valuable insights for decision-making, resource allocation, and process optimization within HumbleBear Boards. πŸ“ŠπŸ»

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