The Projects feature enables you to manage sales campaigns associated with your contacts. Here are the steps to utilise this feature:

  1. To commence a new project, navigate to the Project tab located on the main menu and select the + New Project button located at the top right corner.

  2. A pop-up window will appear:

    • Project Name : Provide a name for your project, such as "Marketing Campaign", "Website Design" or "Product Launch."

    • Description : Briefly describe your project's purpose, scope or deliverables.

    • Related Contact : Select the contact that corresponds to your project, such as a client, customer or vendor.

    • Start Date : Choose the date you plan to start your project.

    • Status : Select the project status such as "Ongoing", "Completed" or "Cancelled."

  3. After filling out the required information, click the Save button to create your new project. The new project will appear on the list of projects.

  4. By clicking on a specific project, you can view additional details of the project. Moreover, you can edit or delete any project by selecting the Edit or Delete button beside the project.

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